Submit an Abstract

EUOGS 2018 has been canceled. Abstract information for the next meeting will be posted here.

  • Presentation PPTs will be collected at the symposium for inclusion on the EUOGS proceedings web site.
  • A presentation MUST BE MADE at EUOGS in order for the Extended Abstract and the PowerPoint presentation to be published on the proceedings section of the symposium website.

PPT Presentations

PPT presentations included in EUOGS proceedings web site will be converted to secured PDF format prior to being placed on the web site. Please contact Alice if any slides should NOT be included in the proceedings PPT.

How To Submit an Extended Abstract

Please follow the below formatting instructions. If abstract does not meet the below standards, it will be rejected and sent back to the author for corrections.

  • Prefer Word format; but Adobe Acrobat PDF (unsecured) format is also an option.
  • Abstract Formatting Instructions:
  • 8.5" x 11" for page size
      - Word: Layout / Size / Letter "8 ½ x 11" inches
  • Margins - all margins on all pages 1 inch
  • Font - Helvetica or Arial preferred
  • Font Color (including headers) - Black
  • Line Spacing - 1.0
  • No page number, header, or footer
  • Title - 20 point bold
  • Authors - 14 point bold; list primary author first, followed by other authors; use superscript numbers to identify organization/address
  • Organizations - 12 point; use appropriate superscript number followed by name/address of organization
  • Keywords - 12 point
  • Abstract - 12 point; 2 page maximum
  • Graphs, tables, photos (B&sW or Color), graphics - are permitted
  • Fill in the "document properties "information*
  • In a separate paragraph, please place the following text: Eastern Unconventional Oil and Gas Symposium, held May 7-8, 2018 in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.


What you Need to Know:

  • Eliminate page numbers, logos or any other extraneous materials on the submitted abstract. We will not edit nor proofread your abstract so be sure that you are comfortable with both the content and accuracy of the text before submission.
  • Please follow the formatting instructions. We will reject incorrectly formatted abstracts.
  • Please avoid multiple submissions of the same abstract. Contact Alice if you feel that the abstract was not sent properly.
  • Email confirmation of abstract receipt will be sent within 24 to 48 hours.

How to Send/Submit the Document

Abstract Submission via EMAIL

Submit the following information via an email and attach the extended abstract to that email. Send via EMAIL

Information to send in the EMAIL:

  • Title of Presentation
  • Each Author's Name / Organization / Address / Phone / Email / Website
  • Indicate which author is submitting/corresponding/primary author
  • Indicate which author will be the presenter
  • Indicate if submitting author is a student
  • Indicate if presenter is a student
  • Was the presentation recruited? If so, by whom?

*How to Fill in the Document Properties section of a Word and/or PDF document:

Improve the "Google" ranking of your paper by filling in the Document Properties information within your PDF Abstract.

  • Acrobat (PDF):
  • Open Abstract within Acrobat program
  • File / Document Properties
  • Select the "Description" tab
  • Place the title in the "Title Field" box
  • Place ALL of the authors in the "Author Field" box
  • Place keywords (minimum of 5) in the "Keyword Field" box
  • Click "okay" button
  • Save the file
  • Word (DOC):
  • Open Abstract within Word program
  • 'Insert' tab / 'Text' section / 'Quick parts' button / Document Properties
  • File / Info / Change properties on page - Word 2010
  • File / Properties - Word 2003/2007
  • Select the "Summary" tab - Word 2003/2007
  • Place the title in the "Title Field" box
  • Place ALL of the authors in the "Author Field" box
  • Place keywords (minimum of 5) in the "Keyword Field" box
  • Click "ok" button
  • Save the file